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Director: Carsten Fiebeler · Feature Film 2004, German 
Starring: Tobias Schenke, Anna Brüggemann, Michael Gwisdek, Tino Mewes und Uwe Kockisch.
An East-West-German teen romantic comedy.
  West German rich kid gets stuck in communist East Germany in 1985 and is torn between two worlds when finding his first true love.



A romantic East/West 1980s romantic teen comedy.
Bremen, 1985. The 19 year old West German teen Tim (Tobias Schenke) is an upcoming tennis professional and "on top of the world".  Popular with girls, he is in love with himself and his perfect top-spin.  During a high-school field trip into communist East Germany he meets his twin brother, Ronnie, who knocks him out and takes his identity to return back to the west instead of Tim.  Tim is stuck in the east where nobody believes he is not Ronnie.  Now he sees himself confronted with skinny dipping and blues hippies. Tim wants to escape, but escaping from East Germany is anything but easy.  When Tim meets Jana (Anna Brüggemann), the grey east suddenly gets colorful.  He finds out that happiness means something else than having the perfect underware with your Lacoste shirt of the day in your closet.

Awards/ Festivals

Kleinruppin Forever received Special Jury Awards at Emden Film Festival and Siena Film Festival, Italy.  It also received the Silver Remi Award International at the Houston International Film Festival, USA, and received the German Federal Film rating "valuable".